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      Coyote Ugly

      The Coyote Ugly is a solid performer when drifted under an indicator for trout, bottom bounced for smallmouth or stripped retrieved as a streamer. An all-around heavy search nymph that has a permanent space in my box.

      Coyote Ugly Recipe

      Hook: #6-8 Gamakatsu Perfect Gape
      Bead: Copper Tungsten
      Thread: Black
      Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
      Abdomen: Natural Coyote dubbing
      Rib: Small Copper Wire
      Throat: Black Ostrich
      Thorax: Peacock Ice-dub
      Legs: Pheasant tail

      For a full tying video, click on the link below:

      Tying the Coyote Ugly

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