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    Darren MacEachern

      This leech is a fairly simple fly, as most leeches are, and uses a custom blend of dubbing to give the fly a little variation in the color of the fly. I tie in the dubbing with a loop so that the fibers can spread out and give the fly a little more action in the water.

      Leeches can get hit hard by trout, so be ready for dynamic aggressive strikes subsurface. Try out some variations with the dubbing using olives, claret and brown shades of yarn mixed in with some black.

      Fox Tail Leech Fly pattern
      Hook: Mustad 9672 or similar #4-10
      Weight: Non-lead wire 3 inches size #4
      Thread: Bown or Black 8/0 (70d)
      Tail: Black foxtail
      Ribbing: Red UTC Wire (Brassie)
      Body: Custom leech dubbing *

      Dubbing: Black, brown and red acrylic yarn
      mixed with red and black forest Angelina
      or similar Ice Dubbing

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