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      Gurgling Frog Gill

      SO…it is with mixed emotions that I show you this Gill. Although it is one of the biggest of the year for me. But the cast before this, I was in the process of lipping a “Scouts Honest” 5 pounder, and it kicked off just as my thumb touched it. A heckuva a fight nonetheless, and a heavy fish on the 7wt glass….but in the end, the fish was the victor.

      Now, back to the Gill. I caught several 1 – to – 1 1/2lb largemouth over the course of the evening. All on the Gurglin Frog. But after this Gill….they just didn’t seem worthy of a pic.

      For the Gurgling Frog Tying Video, click on the link below:

      Gurgling Frog Tying Video


      That’s a nice ‘gill!



        That still looks like a good size fish. Nicely done.

        Ralph,if you get this much fishing in while still holding down a full time job and taking care of the family, I hate to see how much time on the water you get when you retire.



          LOL….I have water within 15 minutes of the house. So whenever I find myself with an evening left at home alone? I bolt like a dog through a screendoor for my truck. 🙂

          I get a lot of 2hr evenings.

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