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    Loretta Parent

      Well it looks like I will be spending 6 weeks in Yellowknife, NWT this Summer. Work related of course. I will be taking my fly rod as I am going to ensure I get a chance at trying to land a Northern Greyling or a Northern Pike. Any suggestions on what type of fly to use for the Greyling?




        Can’t help you on suggestions, but I do hope to hear your report on what “summer” is like that close to the Artic Circle.


        Loretta Parent

          I hear from my hubby that the daylight is 24hrs but a little on the dusky side at it’s darkest.
          I will fill you in when I return in August.


          Kelly L.

            Sawyer’s Killer Bug for the Grayling should work. I have never fished for Grayling before. But I heard they work for that. The problem is getting the right color of yarn.


            Loretta Parent

              Do you know what the pattern is Kelley?



                L Parent, here’s a link to tie the killer bug.
                There’s also some You Tube videos on how to tie it.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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