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      Ok lets STEP by STEP.

      hook > Teimco Size 2

      Tie on a Tail and Flash>u be the judge of what materials

      I like ta put on a Rattle at this point….I had none for this one.

      go ahead and color the inside red

      Saturate with BRUSH ON Krazy or Super Glue and hurry to place the body and watch ur fingers ta not glue fingers together :whistle:

      put at least 2 coats of Clear polish to fill up all or mostof the pits in the 2mm foam…let dry

      Blue Belly for this one



        I used a SOUR Lime Green for the back and the sides

        an AQUA marker was used for sides overlaid with the Sour Lime NGP 140 polish

        I touched up the back and around the mouth with the Blue



          Nicely done for your first SBS Jeffro! I just picked up a bunch of new foam sheets today. Almost got some of the sparkly foam (glitter on one side). That would make intetesting crease flies. Highlight/color with markers and clear coat couldnt be easier.



            Thanks Roger….ssshhhwwwooo….that was tuff ta do but I was determined to learn….didn’t even have to ask for help :woohoo:
            I know I aint doin it right but gotter done :whistle:

            what are you gonna do with the foam?

            BTW I hope ur havin a painfree day



              Oh, look! He’s happy! 😉

              Nice SBS, man. 🙂



                Cold, he’s always happy when a plan comes together.

                Jeffro, pain isnt too bad today (btw folks, I had a torn rotator fixed last week). Just stocking up on 2mm foam sheets in various colors for gurglers and other foam patterns. I also laminate them and drill out with a plug cutter for popper bodies too. Search the forum for foam poppers for a thead I started a couple years ago. If anyone wants to see that and cant find it let me know I’ll find the link. Today I picked up 19, 9×12 sheets in diffefent colors. Just trying to get 1 of every color. Dang, the price went up! They’re up to 41cents a sheet now. o_O

                Sorry Jeffro, don’t want to hi-jack your thread. If anyone wants to talk about foam start a new thread and wil continue on that.



                  This is the same size but in a Shad Pattern

                  The Nail Polish colors are Pure Ice 543CP for the Belly

                  Wet n Wild FastDry 237C Gray’s Anatomy …it has a purplish greenish gray to match the Real live Shad look.
                  The photos don’t show the true colors.


                  Carl Smith

                    I like his smile



                      Kind of an arnry grin like come and get it and i’ll stick ya in da lip…. :whistle:

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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