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      I’m borrowing some internet access right now and stopped by to see my favorite site ……………..
      So what happened?

      In a month or two I might be online agin and will be back.



        Relinquo, I wish I knew. Many users are logging in and apparently reading posts, just not posting. We have a steady stream of guest viewing and an average of 1 new user signing up every day. Bottom line, people are passing through, just not stopping to say hi.



          Hi Bug!

          I’m sneeking a few minuets to post.

          For all you guys and gals lookin………….
          PLEASE POST A PIC or two of what flies you like to tye.

          I’ve only been tying my own for around 50 some years, happened to find this site a few years ago and my pathetic fly tying improved
          I learn better with something to look at 😆


          Normand E Frechette

            it just doesnt seem that this forum site is what it used to be years ago

            i stop by once in awhile but it seems like there’s the same handful of people posting.

            i used to be quite active many years ago but not any more.

            new people sign up but never post much. whats the point of that? (out of 2668 user, 1717 users have never posted to the forum)

            i’m retire now but spend time on other forums

            oh well back to lurking mode



              I have to echo B_B……I just don’t know. A lot of pass thru traffic. But no posting.



                hey all my friends!!!!! I am back in action after a few weeks of no internet outside of what was needed for work.. i am a member of the national guard and had to perform my duty for 20 days will be back on the vise tying real soon



                  We’re going through another very dry spell again here on the forum. Everyone getting ready for spring? If you’re reading this, tell us what you’ve been up lately?


                  Bo Hamby

                    I’m still here . Had a baby boy in January. He keeps us pretty busy but I try to tie when I can .

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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