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      WP Nymph

      Winter Prototype Recipe

      Hook: #12 Scud
      Bead: Clear Glass Craft Bead (Gold Lined)
      Thread: Flo-Orange Ultra-thread
      Abdomen: Shrimp Pink Ice Dub
      Thorax: White UV Ice Dub

      Those times when you just can’t get a fish, or a rise, or a particular water out of your head? You know them. A nagging thought…what would have worked? Or if something did work….why? And what would improve that? So as I sat thinking, it hit me. That’s where it almost always begins…with a casual thought.
      To the vise!

      So here I am again. A winter prototype. Do me a favor…give it a try. If you get out before me, get one wet. Let me know how it does for you. Send a pic if you have it, and offer up a name.

      My thoughts….
      It would compliment an egg when the sucker spawn are adrift. The properties are all great as a hot-spot or trigger point on their own. Drop one off an egg, and give it a try. I’m thinkin’ it will bring fish to hand.

      For a full tying video, click on the link below:

      Winter Protoype Tying Video


      Bo Hamby

        I like that , I’m going to tie some for my warm water friends . I’ve had those days where nothing works.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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