How to Preview Your Post Before You Submit It

Have you ever wondered how to view your post before hitting the submit button?  The Fly Tyer Forums software allows you to do just that and all it requires is the click of a button.  When trying to determine what an icon will do when it’s clicked all you have to do is just hover your mouse over it.  Referring to the image image on the left, notice the “hand” cursor. and the text below it.  A more zoomed-in image (below) shows cursor in detail.Forum-Preview-ButtonPosting a picture showing the preview panel and where the icon is located. Just hover your mouse cursor over each to determine what each icon does.

Notice how the text pop-up balloon describes what the button does. Hold your cursor over the icon until it turns into a hand and wait for the pop-up description. There may be times when it will not display. That will be a problem with the forum software itself and probably nothing we can control.Forum Preview Closeup
Forum Preview Closeup

There are two preview pane options.
The first option Forum Preview (Top Bottom) is “Preview Pane Below”.
The second option (to the right) Forum Preview (Left-Right) is “Preview Pane Right”.
In this example, you will notice “Preview Pane Below” Forum Preview (Top Bottom) is the one being hovered over. Getting back to the subject at hand, clicking this button will open up a preview display area right below the box you are typing in. You will then see the text as it will appear before you post it. Refer to the following image:

Forum Preview Example (Bottom Pane)

So, that’s it! This is a great little tool to assist you in making great posts. Enjoy!

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