Making Your Uploaded Photos Appear in Your Post

There seems to be some confusion regarding image uploads and how they are displayed in a post.  Most have complained that when they upload a photo to post, it often appears as an attachment.  This requires the reader to click to see the image.  Having an image as an attachment is actually a feature, but it’s not always desired.  Believe it or not, you actually have a choice but have probably overlooked it before clicking the Submit button.  It’s also not obvious as to what you should do, however, and we can’t control that.  What we can do is show you how to make your images show in the post.

First, you obviously need to have an image to upload.  Find a place in your post to have the image appear.  Second, go to the “Attachments” section below where you are writing your post (See figure 1).

How to Upload Image and Make it Appear in Your PostFigure 1

Click the “Add File” button to select the image stored on your computer that you want to display in your post. Once it is selected, you will see the filename as “C:\fakepath\[some filename]” (where “some filename” is the filename you selected (ie. in my example, I uploaded a file named logo.png).

IMPORTANT – This is where you make your image display in your post!

If you wanted to, you could just stop here and click the “Submit” button and your photo would be uploaded.  However, IT WOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED in the post but, rather, it would be displayed as an attachment.  To make it display in the post, you must click the “Insert” button BEFORE CLICKING SUBMIT!  See figure 1 above, the second red arrow at the bottom of the image.  Clicking “Insert” does what it says.  It “inserts” the image into the post.

So, for those of you having problems with your images being displayed, give this a try to see if it solves the problem for you.


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