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  • Jim Bude started the topic Parachute hackle in the forum Tips & Techniques 10 months ago

    In latest TROUT magazine, Dave Whitlock discusses the Parachute Adams. In the article, he refers to an old method of tying the hackle below the thorax, not above as typically done today. Read The Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference re tying below the thorax but think I’d benefit from a video. My search generates no examples … any sugggestions?

  • Jim Bude started the topic Grizzly bear fur in the forum Tools & Materials 1 year ago

    Reading a fly tying book and several patterns call for both grizzly and black bear under fur. Feather-Craft has black bear patches which will include some underfur, but no grizzly bear. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

  • Jim Bude replied to the topic Which thread for micros in the forum Tools & Materials 1 year ago

    Thanks … I’ll post a few pictures one I feel competent enough

  • Got the tiny hooks, now I want to tie some tiny flies. Have read Ed Engle’s book several times ,,, wondering if someone out there has thoughts on thread? His list? Your preferences? Thinking 28 and smaller

  • Jim Bude replied to the topic Micro hooks in the forum Tools & Materials 1 year, 1 month ago

    Thanks … San Juan Float and Fish had 28s and 30s … thank you very much for the help!! will post pic or two later

  • Fascinated by micro flies i saw at this year”s Sowbug Roundup. Didn’t get the tyer’s name nor did i get a supplier’s name. Anyone know where to obtain size 30 and 32 hooks, either nymph or dry or both? Search on web plus call to a favorite fly shop revealed little info other than I think TMC no longer makes their 588. Thanks in advance

  • Reading Deke Meyer’s “Hot Bass Flies” and am intrigued by example of Loving’s fly on page 16. Searched for instructions but found nothing pertaining to adding the side hackles to the deer hair body. Anyone know how to do that or can refer me to an article explains same?

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